Mother of 3 Arrested for Taking Pictures of Tourist Attraction at Airport


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This case is a frightening example of what can happen when a photographer encounters ignorant bullies with badges. According to the complaint filed in Federal Court, Nancy Genovese, a mother of three, was driving home on County Road 31 past Gabreski Airport in Suffolk County. Gabreski Airport displays a decorative helicopter shell by the roadway to the public, which is visible to all who pass by.

Nancy Genovese stopped her car on the side of the road across the street from the airport in an area that is open and accessible to the public, and crossed over the road to the airport entryway that is also open and accessible to the public to take a picture of the helicopter display. While still in her car, she took a picture of the decorative helicopter shell with the intention of posting it on her personal “Support Our Troops” web page.

As Nancy Genovese was preparing to drive away, she was stopped and approached by Robert Iberger, a lieutenant with the Southampton Town Police. Lieutenant Iberger demanded to know why she was taking photographs. Nancy showed the lieutenant her camera, but Lieutenant Iberger grabbed her camera and handled it “without care”. In an attempt to prevent the lieutenant from damaging the camera, Nancy removed her memory card, which Lieutenant Iberger confiscated. To date, Nancy’s memory card still has not been returned to her.

Lieutenant Iberger demanded that Nancy remain where she is, and he refused to allow her to leave. At this time, Lieutenant Iberger notified the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office and the authorities at Gabreski Airport of Nancy’s presence outside the airport, and falsely and wrongfully informed them that she posed a terrorist threat.

Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff Robert Carlock responded to the scene, along with various members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. When Deputy Carlock arrived, he placed cameras on the roof of his vehicle, aimed at Nancy Genovese and her 18 and 20 year old sons who had come to the scene at this point to help their mother. Deputy Carlock ordered all three of them to stand directly in front of the cameras, and not to move.

Officials from the airport, as well as other local and federal law enforcement agencies also responded, including, without limitation, the Southampton Police Department, the Westhampton Police Department, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security. Nancy was questioned on the side of the road for approximately five to six hours, from about 6pm until midnight, denied food or water, and denied the opportunity to use a restroom, all without having received any warnings as to her rights.

Nancy Genovese also had a left lower leg injury just above her ankle that she had received earlier in the day and which, exacerbated by the stress and length of her roadside detention, was causing her to limp. When the officers saw this, they ordered her to expose her wound, which was bleeding, for no legitimate purpose, and with no regard for Nancy’s health or well-being.  Members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office used Nancy’s leg wound as another object to taunt her with, telling her that they were going to arrest her for an unreported knife wound.

Here’s where the story takes an interesting twist, and why I believe Nancy’s situation hasn’t received more press coverage. Before arriving at the airport to take a picture, earlier that day Nancy had been to the local shooting range with her rifle practicing her hobby, target shooting. During the first hour of questioning, Lieutenant Iberger searched Nancy’s vehicle, without her consent, and came across her unloaded rifle, which Nancy was legally carrying, in a locked case. Now some people throw up their arms (no pun intended) at this point, and say, “what does she want, she brought a rifle to the airport!”, but I would like to remind everyone that it is perfectly legal to drive around with an unloaded rifle in your car. Yes. Really. And Nancy did not enter the airport, she was parked alongside a public roadway. It is important to remember that no matter how you feel about firearms, nothing that Nancy did violated any laws.

Using force, Lieutenant Iberger pushed Nancy Genovese when she objected to the seizure of her rifle. Deputy Carlock taunted Nancy, asking in a disparaging tone, “You’re a real right winger, aren’t you?”, and stating in words or substance that she was never going to see her rifle again.

During the remainder of the six hours that Nancy Genovese was forcibly detained on the side of the road, she was taunted, verbally harangued, threatened, belittled, abused, humiliated and harassed by members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. For example, Deputy Carlock repeatedly referred to Nancy as “a right winger” and “tea bagger”, and threatened that they were going to arrest her for terrorism to make an example of her to other “tea baggers” and “right wingers”.

Around midnight, officials from the airport and federal law enforcement agencies determined that Nancy posed no terrorist or other security threat. Once most of the other law enforcement officials left the scene, Deputy Carlock ordered Nancy Genovese to be handcuffed by another member of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. Before placed in handcuffs, Nancy attempted to give her purse containing her wallet and cell phone to her sons. Her wallet contained approximately $13,000 in cash, money she was holding to pay tuition that day for her son’s college and her daughter’s Catholic school tuition. Deputy Carlock refused to allow her sons to take her bag, and ordered her to leave it on the front seat of her unlocked vehicle, even after being informed of the value of its contents. When Nancy’s sons objected, Deputy Carlock threatened to arrest them if they touched it, and ordered them to leave the scene. Not knowing what to do, they left.

When Nancy’s sons responded to a call from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office in the early morning hours to pick up their mother’s vehicle from the roadside, they found $5,300 of the $13,000 missing. The money was never returned. In addition, the contents of the glove compartment box was missing, and there was damage to the body of the car, particularly around the trunk.

Around midnight, after her sons were ordered to leave upon threat of arrest, Nancy was transported, in handcuffs, to the Suffolk County Jail. While in a holding cell, Deputy Carlock continued to verbally harass Nancy, telling her “you will pay”, and admitting that they had nothing to charge her with, but that he would “find something in order to teach all right wingers and tea baggers a lesson.”

While in her holding cell, Nancy Genovese was interrogated by Suffolk County Undersheriff Caracappa without receiving any warnings as to her rights. Her requests to speak to a lawyer were ignored. Following her “interrogation”, Undersheriff Caracappa informed her that she was being arrested and charged with “terrorism.”

At this point, Nancy requested medial treatment for her bleeding and painful left leg. After several requests, and several hours later, she was taken to the Peconic Bay Medical Center by male members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, and handcuffed to a bed. A sonogram was performed on Nancy’s left leg from her ankle to her inner groin, requiring her to disrobe. Despite her and the doctor’s request for them to turn away, the two male Suffolk Deputies insisted on staring at Nancy while she disrobed, further humiliating her. She was prescribed antibiotics, and discharged back to the Suffolk County Jail, with instructions on proper care for her leg wound.

Once back at the jail, the Suffolk County Sheriffs denied her access to her antibiotics, and denied her proper care of her leg wound. This caused a serious and painful staph infection to develop.

The following morning, Nancy Genovese was briefly questioned at the Suffolk County Jail by two FBI agents. No federal complaints or charges were ever brought against Nancy. That same day, Nancy was transported in handcuffs and ankle shackles, with no regard for her ankle wound, to the Southampton Justice Town Court. The driver drove fast and recklessly, intentionally making abrupt turns and laughing. This caused Nancy, who was not secured by a seatbelt, but was instead restrained with her hands cuffed behind her and her ankles cuffed together, to roll about in the back of the vehicle, further exacerbating her leg injury. When she requested that the Deputy Sheriffs secure her with a seatbelt, they laughed at her, and the driver continued to recklessly swerve the vehicle.

Nancy Genovese was brought into the courthouse in handcuffs and leg restraints, and was violently pushed through the door by the Deputy Sheriffs. This added to Nancy’s humiliation, particularly since Nancy knew some of the courthouse employees and other people who were present. Both before and after arriving at the courthouse, Nancy repeatedly requested to speak with an attorney. All of her requests were ignored.

Despite never stepping foot onto airport property, Nancy Genovese was arraigned on a single misdemeanor charge of Criminal Trespass in the Third Degree. She was assigned a Legal Aid Attorney by the Judge. Undersheriff Caracappa and Deputy Carlock intentionally lied to the Judge about the circumstances surrounding Nancy’s arrest, including that she was a terrorist and had surveillance equipment in her car, and the judge set bail in the amount of $50,000.

Due to the excessive amount of bail, Nancy’s children needed more time to come up with the money, so Nancy was returned to the jail. The Legal Aid Attorney assigned to Nancy spoke with the Deputy and Undersheriff, and due to the conversation, directly afterwards informed Nancy that he was no longer her attorney, and that he was going to ask the court to place her on suicide watch.

Once back at the jail, Nancy Genovese was processed, including being issued prison “greens” to wear, and was photographed, fingerprinted, and eye scanned. Members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department continuously verbally harassed Nancy. A woman in civilian clothes then interviewed Nancy. The woman told Nancy she was going to be placed in “general population.” During the interview, two men wearing “Suffolk County Emergency Response Team” jackets entered the room. One of them removed Nancy from the room and held her in the hallway outside of the interview room. From there, Nancy heard the woman who had interviewed her arguing with the other man, saying that “She is not suicidal.”

Despite the woman’s protests, Nancy was physically moved by the two men wearing “Suffolk County Emergency Response Team” jackets to another room. There, another woman who identified herself as a nurse administered, without Nancy’s consent, two injections into Nancy’s arm. One of the men held Nancy’s head so that she could not see what was being done, while the other man held Nancy’s arm down. Despite her demands to know what they were doing, no one answered her. Nancy experienced bruising and swelling in her neck and arm long after she was released from custody.

Nancy was then escorted by the two men into a cell area, where she was forced to disrobe and put on a “suicide gown”, consisting of a heavy, jacket-type blanket that fastens around the body with Velcro. Nancy was not permitted to wear undergarments under the blanket. Nancy was required to wear this same “suicide gown” for the next several days. After three days, Nancy was evaluated by a psychiatrist who determined her to be of sound and stable mind, and immediately removed her from suicide watch.

Later that day, bail was posted, and Nancy was able to go home. Subsequently, all charges against Nancy were dismissed.

Upon Nancy’s release, Undersheriff Caracappa issued a press release in response to media inquiries, titled “Armed Woman Arrested for Trespassing at Suffolk County Gabreski Airport”, which falsely stated that Nancy had been taking pictures of the airport and surrounding security”, and that she became hysterical, and began “screaming and flailing around” when confronted. Undersheriff Caracappa also falsely reported that Nancy had surveillance equipment, 500 rounds of ammunition, and “scary weapons” in her car, and that she was a right-wing extremist and terrorist, and that she had been at the airport trespassing several times and had been warned to stay away. Upon further inquiry, it turns out that Nancy had never trespassed at the airport before, had never been warned by anyone to “stay away” before, had no “surveillance equipment” of any kind other than her point and shoot camera, and certainly was not a terrorist. Undersheriff Caracappa has refused to issue a retraction or correction.

Nancy has filed a Federal Lawsuit seeking up to 70 million dollars from the Town of Southampton, the County of Suffolk, Lieutenant Iberger, Undersheriff Caracappa, Deputy Carlock, Lieutenant Leuete, and various other employees of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department. The lawsuit is still ongoing.


  • All of the alleged facts discussed in this article have been taken directly from the court documents filed in this case.
  • Nancy Genovese was on public property the entire time.  At no time did she trespass onto airport property, which is why the trespassing charge (the only charge against her) was dismissed.
  • Here is the google maps view of the airport entrance, and the helicopter on display.
  • Although Undersheriff Caracappa released a statement saying that Nancy was previously spotted around the airport in the past and had previously been warned not to return, not a single person can verify his claim. Nancy claims that she was never warned to “stay away” from a public area outside a tourist attraction.
  • Yes, to some, Nancy’s claims seem far fetched and outrageous. But let’s look at the facts that both sides can agree on. Not a single crime was actually committed by Nancy. Yet, she was held against her will, in an isolated cell, in essentially a straight jacket, with no medical attention, for several days.



  1. Pam Watson says

    Does the 4th amendment even exist anymore? Why do citizens have to put
    up a grueling fight at their own expense to invoke their rights against
    these “Bullies with Badges”??

  2. Pam Watson says

    Apparently you must know your rights and fight to have them bestowed upon you these days. They are no longer a given. You even have to ask to invoke your right to remain silent. Simply refusing to answer is considered obstruction of justice…

  3. Pam Watson says

    I’ve spent almost $30,000 in the last 2 years asserting my 4th amendment rights. Even though the supreme court ruled in my favor I still have to pay court costs and attorney fees.. Outrageous…

  4. heaintheavy says

    This article has completely Pi***d me off. My brother is going through about the same thing. He is still facing trial in April for carrying guns across state lines all of which is and was legal. Lies have been fabricated and the public believes them. This story has made me so mad I could spit :[ People need to wake up and realize our freedoms are leaving us in the name of domestic terrorism.

  5. Beto Carvalho says

    It is almost unbelievable that things like this can happen in the US, yet, they do happen. Reality is that when it’s your word against the word of a police officer or public official, you haven’t got a chance – unless, that is, the media (and thus a large number of the people) and some competent attorneys get involved.

    Let’s pray this is what happens in this case.

  6. Lois says

    I sympathize with anyone whose rights have been violated but I find this story a little unbelievable. It is ironic that every single action resulted in injury, discomfort and led to baseless charges. Although I don’t believe she is a terrorist, I do believe that she might have exhibited some behaviors or actions that led to some of the charges. This article sounds like it was written by her civil attorney. It would have been nice to have a balanced article so we could see the other side’s point of view.

    • says

      “I do believe that she might have exhibited behaviors or actions that led to some of the charges.” – I think it’s important to remember that you either committed a crime, or you didn’t. If you didn’t, the police have no right to arrest you, regardless of your behaviors or actions. The article was based off of the statement of facts revealed so far in the federal court case.

  7. Kronis says

    If true, every law enforcement officer involcved in this fiasco should be publicly horsewhipped until they renounce their stupidity and willingness to enforce unconstitutional laws, and then swear to uphold the constitution. Some things simply must not be tolerated, and abusive of power exuded by officers of the law is up there at the top along with pedophilia and treason.

  8. Thomas says

    This is the epitome of liberal,idiotic, public employees. Every single one of these schmuck cops should be put in prison for their actions. Treating American citizens who are not breaking the law like criminals is disgusting. This is a prime example why this country is a mess. I hope someday soon that people living in liberal parts of the country will finally say enough is enough. Kick the liberals out of office, get rid of the welfare state, and get rid of all the public employee unions. Not one of these moron cops could keep their jobs if they had to be competent, and meet competitive performance standards to keep their jobs. I pray that this woman receives proper justice and vindication at the expense of her attackers. As a former New Yorker, I am so glad I moved away from this BS.

  9. EM says

    I dont feel sorry for her. If a hispanic person or Black person was found with 13k cash and a gun in the car I guarantee they would be arrested.

  10. Prudence L. Kuhn says

    Well, I plan never to go to Long Island or near any airport if I can manage it. I don’t take pictures especially of helicopters or anything else that flies. I don’t have a support our troops blog anywhere, and I don’t own a gun. I should be fairly safe. Suffolk Country sounds seriously like an extension of Nazi Germany, but otherwise is just a splendid representation of the land of the free and the home of the wrongfully arrested.
    Let’s hope she sues and wins, wins, wins. And the police of Suffolk County are crooks–they stole her money. The only thing I can say is that anyone who lives in that rathole should move.

  11. Jason says

    America the Christian Iran! Never in history has their been such an evil corrupt hypocritical fascist society like America! When this happens in others countrys its evil, when it is in America, all the time every single day its alright!

    It is truly amazing how inbreed America public school educated morons will still argue over left and right BS. As if it is one groups fault and big plan to do this.

    But keep fighting each other America its what we want!

    Signed Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and North Korea

  12. A says

    here’s the dirtbag’s contact info. how do any of these bullies get to keep their jobs?? Anyone involved in this case should be automatically given desk jobs or suspended without pay until this is resolved. This isn’t about liberal vs conservative. I’m liberal and exercise my gun rights whenever possible. American citizens are protected against unreasonable searches and seizures by the bill of rights. these rights are what our brave men and women overseas fight for. we cannot allow this ever-growing police power to turn our nation into a police state. they use our fear against us, but what are they “protecting” us from anyway??

    Emergency Management Lt. Robert Iberger

  13. Amy Tyler says

    This should come as no surprise to anyone since our country’s commander in chief is someone of questionable character who may or may not be legally qualified to in fact be commander in chief. Add to that the knowledge that for over a year homes are being unlawfully foreclosed on because of the financial chaos that ensued after taxpayers bailed on greedy, unethical and probably lawbreaking bankers, CEO’s, attorneys, etc. and nothing is being done to reverse this horrible state of affairs. The laws are broken every single day in court and judges who swear they behave responsibly because of the “oversight” they remind us is watching them are in fact looking the other way as citizens are robbed of their homes. And most of the public has chosen ignorance of same as the preferred state of mind, having convinced themselves that its just a few dissident troublemakers who are causing trouble for the rest of the public and the courtrooms and judges. Our rights are being eroded with each passing minute this abuse is allowed to continue. Can it be reversed or is it too late? Once abusive power is firmly in place it is very hard to dislodge and this has been going on for some time.

    I have said for some time that our ‘protection’, including that of our venerable constitution, is only as good or effective as those in power say it is. Just as a restraining order is scant to no protection of victims of abuse, so too is the constitution as to protecting us.

    There is evidence all around us of criminal wrongdoing but the judiciary and our barristers are immune from prosecution and so they arrogantly violate the law and we, the citizens and taxpayers.

    I was alarmed before I read this and needless to say this information has done nothing to alleviate my misgivings and fear.

    If not corrected soon, we, this country, will be gone past the point of no return.

    I cannot understand how we allowed this to happen. William Jefferson Clinton was suspected of being indiscreet with someone who worked for him and this country was subject to months on end of the news consisting of nothing except Monica Lewinsky, Ken Starr, the woman (whose name escapes me but she was ugly as a mudd fence and just as obnoxious) all because of possible infidelity and lies about the same as told by this Clinton fellow, another of our commanders in chief. And yet if you fast forward these few years you see our leadrs engaging in far more questionable and sinister conduct and lies and betrayal and yet NO ONE DOES ANYTHING TO STOP IT.

    It may already be too late. I pray it is not but this country is in serious peril and most of us go about blissfully unaware, refusing to wake up to reality.

    And since we are all on the same marble here, what happens to one can happen to all, which frightens the heck out of me and if you are cognizant and conscious, it should hopefully frighten you too.

  14. Nicole says

    Don’t blame America for what ignorant officers did. Maybe someone should look into the psychological profile of that police department. Every one is so self rightous on here, but who knows what temptations the devil will deliever to your door that you wont resist (just like the cops couldnt resist the burden of their power). I think she was wronged, horribly, but that 60 million dollars will come out of tax payers pockets, its not an equal equation for what she went through. But to blame America for THIS incident, your kidding right? Oh and for fun, lets throw the good old race card in there like EM did.
    Society needs to change, but it US, as in the people that are the problem, if more of us were honest good and morally with standing, and promoted a better way then what TV and other nonsense potrayed then this wouldnt be an incident that occured.

  15. says

    I consider myself a liberal, but I for one will agree that what you have described is a complete sham which should not be permitted to happen anywhere let alone a free nation. This shows no respect by the government for the concepts of due process and the rights held by citizens.

  16. Gina says

    I don’t think any of this is the fault of liberals or conservatives, as “Thomas” above would have you believe. Liberals are not jack wagons, nor are they complete nutcases. Neither are conservatives. Each side has their idiotic members that no one wants to embrace, such as Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck, or the extremist environmental groups. Just because one person’s actions are outrageous and unlawful doesn’t mean you get to blame their whole side. Stop being an ass.

  17. Cherie says

    I don’t think utterly and indescribably appalled even begins to cover the horror at reading this article? This woman was inhumanely treated on level, not to mention every possible human right violated. The same rights that her captors would undoubtedly expect to have honored if it were them. Unilaterally disgusting…

  18. Big Al says

    If any of this is true (which I doubt) she’s fixing to be a very rich woman.
    But to tell you from my experiance with knowing a whole bunch of police and feds and the proceedures they use this story smells to high heaven. I don’t know a cop in the world that would spend 6 hours on the side of the road for no reason other than to harass somebody. They would have cuffed, stuffed, and taken her down to headquarters to do any questioning. Everything the story says was done to the woman would have taken less than 30 min in the first place… they seldom spend that amount of time are a real crime scene.
    I’m calling Bullsh*t on this one.

  19. says

    This whole ordeal was completely retarded and should never have happened. Even if she WAS a terrorist, this is NO way to treat a prisoner. Or any human or living creature. Those guys need their badges taken away from them.

  20. RogerCfromSD says

    EM, the next time a Hispanic or black, under these same conditions, is treated the same way and arrested, you be assured that I, too, will have no sympathy for them. I will simply use your moronic rationalization for feeling this way. Jeez.

  21. T R Collins says

    This is just another example of how close we are getting to Martial Law. Yes I said it! Martial Law, the same thing Nazi Germany used, is coming. The military is already being trained in it. The overall idea is not to be used in some country in the sandbox. They are looking at using Martial Law in our own country. So much of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights doesn’t even apply anymore. We have been spoon fed, and had the wool pulled over our eyes on, the new BS version of our rights. God have mercy on us and deliver us from the evil that is the United States Government. Centuries ago this would have triggered a revolution. I’m not an extremist in any way, but I do believe that a revolt by the general public may be the only way to return this country to the way it should be. I think every one of these police officers and government officials involved in this case should be subjected to the public humiliations and gross injustices that Miss Genovese was forced to endure. The money to me would not be enough.

  22. Derby says

    First they came for the marijuana smokers, harassed, humiliated, stole from and jailed them.
    Then they came for the suspicious black people… and did the same
    Then they came for the suspicious Arabs…
    Now they have come for her.

  23. Julie says

    I am a left-wing liberal who works for a public service union, and I am disgusted by Nancy’s treatment at the hands of these bullies. I hope she wins her lawsuit.

  24. Victoria says

    This is horrible. I don’t live on Long Island anymore, but there is an airport, republic airport near St. Charles Cemetery, that has an air museum right near the road and my sister and I would pull over on the opposite side of the road and take pictures of the old war planes and bombers there. When did this become illegal?
    This is what our government is going to turn into. Everyone better wake up. The government was established “By the people, for the people”. They (the government and the officials) abuse their power all of the time and they have no right to do so. “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government…” “We institute government, the Declaration says, to secure our rights- our natural rights and the rights we create as we live our lives. But the powers government may need to do that must be derived from our consent if they are to be just”. “Government officials must respect their oaths to uphold the Constitution: and we the people must be vigilant in seeing that they do” (The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America).
    They had no right to do what they did and I hope this lady wins her lawsuit and gets all of the compensation that she deserves and I hope those officials who broke the law burn in hell.

  25. Bogatabeav says

    I call BS on so many counts. Even if every cop in this story was totally corrupt, there’s no way doctors would let a person be handled that way in “their” hospital. It’s a grand tale, but it rings phony.

  26. jarrai says

    As someone who lives in Suffolk, this truly angers me! I say screw these pansies, I’m gonna take pictures, I’m going to video tape… the only way to keep our freedom is to fight.

  27. MikE says

    Can you please post your sources? I attempted to do some additional research but I found a lot of conflicting stories about this.

  28. Paul G says

    It seems that according to some news reports that she had been previously detained by guards and was told to stay off the property. It seems that only one side of the story is being told and not all the facts are not being presented. I’m not saying that she is guilty or innocents but just google her name and another story will start to appear. It seems the story is to be altered on to which side of the political divide you stand. The truth is probably somewhere inbetween.,-Highly-Armed,-Busted-For-Casing-National-Guard-Base,-Thinking-It-Was-A-FEMA-Camp-

    • says

      Just a note, if you read the second to last paragraph, it clearly states that Ms. Genovese has never been to that airport before. She was never previously warned by anyone to stay off the property (which she was never even on to begin with). The statements about “previous warnings” were fictionalized by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

  29. GVR says

    How do we contact that police department so we can flood them with what we really think. I’m assuming of course they have a computer.

    If they don’t like what I say and consider me a terrorist, they can always extradite me and have another 50 million dollar lawsuit jammed up their collective asses.

  30. stacy says

    Well I live in suffolk county and this is bullsh*t. I know the helicopter they’re talking about…its just a tourist attraction. Its not a working helicopter and it happens to be across the street from the fenced off airport. Plus there’s a shooting range like two mins away…hence why its not weird for her to have rifles in the fricken car..duh….wtf man… This whole story makes my blood boil. And I know the names of those scumbag officers. You see their signs during election times. I vote they go to hell. I hope she wins….thanks a**holes for giving suffolk county a bad name.

  31. dawn says

    here is the point you all are missing…criminals should not be treated this way AND any person arrested/detained/interrogated by police ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW.

  32. Brent says

    Whether you feel sorry for her or not, this would be a nightmare for anyone. Her constitutional rights were violated. She was humiliated and mistreated by those we trust to protect us. This is a fine example of where this country is headed. I hope that entire department is slammed for their inexcusable behavior.
    Whether your liberal, conservative, or find yourself somewhere in between, wrong is wrong.

  33. B says

    Only downside to everyone wanting her to win this $60 million (which yes, if this article is to be believed.. it’s a justified move.) is who ends up paying. People not even involved. Tragic.

  34. S says

    The moral of the story:

    Don’t select Long Island as a spot to visit. They obviously don’t want the income of tourism.

  35. James says

    It sounds like everyone who ‘liked’ this article could do one better by writing a letter requesting Robert Carlock be let go from the sheriff’s department for abusing his power and intimidating civilians, not to mention not giving a writ of habeus corpus and for not giving Nancy her Miranda rights.

  36. Ian says

    I’m not surprised by this, not in the slightest. I am not American and I have little interest in a tourist destination like Long Island now. If you think still believe in justice and police, try this video of Pittsburgh police two years ago:

    How many do we not hear about for fear of reprisals from the the Police? How many are never reported due to no video footage or evidence?

  37. TK says

    It is a sad day when people believe a lawyers obviously lies over truth. People are so eager to be angry and ignorant. Research has never been easier, people. Google is your friend.

    This story is such an obvious ruse to gain public support for a ridiculous lawsuit that will do naught but scam taxpayers.

    (admin deleting post in 3…2…)

  38. says

    The stories filed by local and area newspapers are not credible. Once upon a time I worked as a news reporter for a suburban paper, and I know from first-hand experience that local media is often locked into a symbiotic relationship with the governments they report on, often to the extent that the media functions as little more than the PR agency for the local cops. Media will uncritically relay anything a cop or prosecutor tells them, and do no independent investigating.
    And as for the Daily Kos, all you have to do is tell them that the person in question is a “tea bagger” or Glenn Beck fan and they will reflexively weigh in against the victim.

  39. Jack says

    @ Amy T., I can`t believe a “birther” has anything but more problems to add, along with the fact that most of those “CEO”s, etc., are Right-wingers…Our rights are definitely being eroded, by the far right and it sounds as if you are one. This tragedy has a side we are not seeing…how can anyone be “held on the side of the road for 5 or 6 hours”? Even the “cops” have to take a break once in a while. These “cops” sound like the mad-dog right-wingers that they are looking for. Then again, who carries $13K around? To pay tuition? Not hardly. There is still something in the dark here…

  40. zzz says

    I wonder if it occurs to anyone that the “troops” she was supporting do *exactly* the same things – and much worse – that the Suffolk County thugs did to her, only they do it to poor foreign brown people.

  41. sean says

    friggin cops doing there usual and wonder why nobody respects them. shame of it is there is a lot of good cops but you have these morons on a power trip

  42. marco says

    WTF? Happy suing. No Miranda warning should be worth a tidy amount for openers. The last anyone knew, law enforcement had to bow to the majesty of the law, but now it’s so cute how they just make it up as they go along. Rich pickings for lawyers these days, what with the TSA doing whatever they please and racking up a series of lawsuits that should just about exhaust their budget. And now we have quaint Long Island towns fielding law officers who intuit the law instead of studying it, and devise suitable tortures and illegal procedures to fit any situation, in the most creative way possible. Instead of calling it a Police State we ought to call it a moronic theme park of heartfelt legal fantasies.

  43. Eric-Gunther;Oberhauser says

    Did you know that the word DOMOCRACY comes from the word DOMONOCRACY and means: A GOVERNMENT OF DEMONS.

  44. Paul says

    This is where all that Bushian, FOXy “support the troops” rubbish has landed you, and you made it all so easy for them! Maybe you could learn from the Greeks or Egyptians a thing or two about getting your country back.

  45. rl says

    this story doesn’t get all the facts straight. on another blog ( nancy admits to having been to the site before to take a picture. she even talked to one of the guards, who she says admired her car.

    i want to believe this woman isnt crazy. and if this story is true, justice should be served (albeit maybe not through $70 million taxpayers’ money).

    but get your facts straight. your story is certainly one-sided.

    • says

      She’s been on the same road outside the airport before (on public property) since the main road is travelled by almost everyone who lives in the area, but she never trespassed, and was never warned to “stay away” from a public area tourist attraction that she has every right to visit. I’m not saying you should believe everything you read, everyone has their own opinions about Nancy’s story (and the facts from this post are clearly Nancy’s side of the story), but keep in mind that taking pictures of an airport from public property is not a crime.

  46. says

    This is the result of sheeple paying extortion (taxes). Stop paying taxes and these paramilitary units will be starved out of existence. Police brutality is only possible when taxes are paid to fund them.

  47. daivd d says

    I call bullshit on this part of her statement: “While in a holding cell, Deputy Carlock continued to verbally harass Nancy, telling her “you will pay”, and admitting that they had nothing to charge her with, but that he would “find something in order to teach all right wingers and tea baggers a lesson.”

    I wonder if she made that part up as her Right Wing mind couldn’t comprehend her own responsibility for creating this State of Fear in America.

    Not too many cops are crazy left wing.

  48. Tammy says

    @James…I agree. 13K in cash…come on. who in their right mind would pay tuition in cash…if for no other reason than to have a cancelled check in order to write it off their taxes and also the physical peril that carrying that much money in cash would bring. And why if someone was gonna steal money would they not take it all? Doesn’t make sense to me. I would be interested to hear the other side of the story but guess that will come out in court.

  49. Bill Jones says

    Well, it’s nice to see one of the fascist “Support our troops” zealots get a taste of the totalitarian State.

  50. Kent says

    Thank God I live in Mississippi. We have experienced a degree of nanny state laws but the politicians here know we would boot every d*mn*d one of them if ANY of the police state crap ever started here.

    Thy also know this is one of the most heavily armed states in the once great union.

    I have no compassion for any of the people in the states/cities experiencing this type of treatment. It is happening to you because you tolerate it and keep voting for Globalist Brand Democrat and Globalist Brand Republican. You have done this to yourselves through your own votes. ENJOY IT.

  51. WakeUp2012 says

    When the hell are you Americans going to wake up to reality?
    This is only a taste of whats coming very soon. Turn off your damn TV’s and start researching before it’s too late. These pigs will find out they are just slave workers to the NWO and will not be needed when the takeover happens.

  52. kevin says

    I’m not surprised by this cops have way to much power and half of them want revenge for what was done to them in high school it stupid that people cant stand up for there right there was a time that everyone carried guns. If everyone still did we wouldnt of seen 911 it makes it hard for people to hurt people when the cilivians are armed you cant just walk into to places with an ak47 point it at 100 people like they do at colleges if everyone has a gun to shoot back

  53. Sam Smith says

    What do you expect we give these guys too much power. Of course they will abuse it they are a disgrace to America. Just today I drove by some cops making a check point to go into town. Guess what arbitrarily they would stop cars and say you ran a red light. Cops aren’t doing their job and this country has gone to shit. Mark my word we are on the downhill nothing good is in the future.

    -Disgruntled Citizen

  54. thomas hackett says

    we, fellow patriotic americans, will be far safer once this terrorist threat is neutralized. every last one of them might be better off in the private sector, or are psychopaths allowed anywhere but law abuse enforcement?

    the mob mentality has got to stop! these felons are murdering my country. i hope this woman is well compensated; enough so heads roll.

  55. Ashley says

    Excellent article. Very scary. Very true.

    I went through something similar. I was cleaning up after a BBQ at my home and it was hot summer night, so I left my front and back door open for a cross-breeze (too cheap to turn on air conditioning).

    While bent over putting dishes in my dishwasher, I heard a deep, male voice saying “Maam, are you alright?” Truth be told, I was six sheets to the wind (mind you, I am in my kitchen, in my home).

    I asked why they (the police) thought it was okay to walk in my home and talk to me and I told them to leave. The jackbooted, gum popping (gary busey looking cop) got nasty — “how dare I question his authority.”

    I looked at him with — granted — very drunk eyes and said, “the American Constitution” says you cannot come in my home without a warrant or invitation, so “get the “f***” out of my house.

    Well, the rest is history. They handcuffed me for “resisting arrest, assault (verbal) on a police officer, obstruction of justice (because I wouldn’t tell them my name and refusing to produce identification).

    I was then straight-jacketed at the cop shop because I was very “combative and angry.” Damn straight.

    Then, they got a doctor to commit me to a mental institution because “I was suicidal.” Crap in a handbasket. I was held against my will for a week (that’s how long it takes for a psychiatrist to see someone at a state facility).

    Needless to say, the doctors said “there’s nothing mentally wrong with this woman” and I was sent packing.

    I had court hearings over the charges outlined above and I was lucky. I had money to pay a high-priced attorney and everything was dropped … my problem is, I did nothing wrong.

    Because I live in a small town and held a position at a company whose reputation I did not want to sully, I did not pursue suing these jerks.

    I feel somewhat vindicated because something similar happened to another citizen of our community and he DID sue and exposed a rats nest of corruption.

    Don’t think you have protection under the law. You do not. If you have money, you have relief, not protection.

    Thomas Jefferson had it right: “Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law,” because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”

  56. Sister Bluebird says

    This is very similar to the “incident” that occured between Homeland Security, Texas Police and BP Private Security contractors when a Pro-Publica Journalist stopped to photograph a sign for the Texas City Oil Refinery for an ongoing investigative piece on BP and it’s safety record. Homeland security shared the journalist’s private information with private security guards at in charge of security at the refinery–which is–shall we say–interesting? In spite of the fact that BP and other entities knew that Frontline and ProPublica were doing this piece for a Frontline special for PBS. On a similar note, private citizens living in the Gulf of Mexico region had their cameras, and cell phones and other private recording devices confiscated without a warrant by homeland security and other security forces–on public property. Scientists doing independent research in the area also reporting having their notes, and samples confiscated by fish and wildlife, as well as homeland security and often there were reports of attempted intimidation by what can only be described as Hired Mercs on American Soil. I am fairly certain this was legal due to part of our National Security laws governing “Critical Infrastructure.” Unfortunately instead of making us more secure, all it seems to have done is violated and undermined our civil rights and in some cases given our own government the power to use our tax dollars to enforce a corporate agenda. See following links: ;

    Esp visit this link:

    See also mention of anyone with cameras, sketchbooks and other recording devices becoming of interest to local law enforcement when a citizen is anywhere outdoors–Via Discovery Channel’s Track Me If you Can.

  57. Kirk says

    Welcome to the Police State folks. This story is only the beginning.. This will happen to all of us .. But for different reasons.. America is sadly lost and sold to the global elite that ushered in the un-patriot act. You have no RIGHTS anymore. No one is watching out for you.. there were no laws broken here yet she was held against her will, injected with a substance against her will, money taken form here. ( it is not against the law to have money on yourself)… I hate to say Person because Person is a corporate entity and plays to the global elites agenda.

  58. Nevada Chuck says

    Any college grads out there who remember paying their tuition in CASH; $13,000 in CASH!

    I suspect that there’s another side to this story.

  59. Kirk says

    If i were on a jury for a trial like this.. I would hang the jury. I would hold out til the cows came to NOT convict her. We could sit in the jury till the end of time… someone else would have to cave before i did…

  60. Kirk says

    You know.. since when was it illegal to belong to any political affiliation in the USA.. Tea bagger, Liberal or whatever?
    So if teh cops hate the Teabagger.. he must be a Commy or fascist.. ughhhh
    we are doomed .. They take the LOWEST IQ people for the Police these days so they can be brainwashed and carry out the Agenda of the anti Americans.. we are so screwed

  61. boomspanky says

    Everyday someone takes a picture of a monument, a landmark, a symbol, and yes, God forbid it, they even take pictures of equipment on military grounds. It is not a crime until the person or persons act in such a haness manner that can be taken into criminal account. With that being said, who’s to know if any of the evidence against Nancy were planted or tempered with. Where are the videos from the police cruiser? Where are the formal police reports. Each report will have a specific number to the “crime.” Where are the federal reports from those who had responded to the seen? Further more, only federal personnel can perform interogations of such magnitude on any person or persons suspected in terrorist acts or affiliations.

  62. Canuck says

    Prudence wrote:
    >>>Well, I plan never to go to Long Island or near any airport if I can manage it. I don’t take pictures especially of helicopters or anything else that flies. I don’t have a support our troops blog anywhere, and I don’t own a gun. I should be fairly safe.<<<

    Good for you Prudence, your absolute obedience is exactly what the jack boots want…though it won't do you a damn bit of good.

  63. Hunter says

    Well this is fucking AmeriKa. Pussies doesn’t deserve freedom nor liberty. You pussies fucked up long ago. For all of you more important Oprah,American Idol,NFL,NBA and all the crap than your country!

  64. says

    This sounds like what happened to Clifford Clark. Driving lawfully with an unloaded rifle in his vehicle, an illegal search in violation of Arizona vs Gant, thousands of dollars in property illegally stolen, framed for a crime that nobody committed, charged with criminal trespass despite a written invitation. Except in Clark’s case the terrorist cops confessed to shooting the red-light camera. Case dismissed.

    Clark had a massive stroke 1 month after winning his case, so is incompetent to testify in a civil lawsuit for malicious prosecution. The 1-year statute of limitations for false arrest and false imprisonment has passed. $30,000 in legal bills…

    Similar to this story, TV news was banned from Clark’s trial and threatened with arrest, after broadcasting testimony by police confessing to destroying all ballistic evidence and audio evidence, plus perjury and forgery to obtain a search warrant. Read the 50-page First Amendment appellate brief.

    Nancy Genovese better take VERY good care of her health, not talk to strangers, stay lawyered up, AND WATCH HER BACK. Cops are a criminal gang, just like Al Capone, John Gotti and a certain Mr Genovese.

  65. borderraven says

    I see:
    violations of the Geneva Conventions for the Treatment of Prisoners,
    Violations of the Declaration on the Human Rights of Individuals Who are not Nationals of the Country in which They Live, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on (13 Dec 1985),
    lies, theft, corruption, torture, false arrest, false imprisonment,
    kidnapping, …

    I see a hyper-sensitive cop, exercising authority beyond the scope of his/her employment, …

    And I’m a photographer, so under the First Amendment, I’ll add violation of First Amendment freedoms of expression and the press…

  66. says

    When confronted by tin horn jerks with badges, never, ever answer one of their questions, ever. If you don’t say anything, they have no issues. Demand that they place you under arrest or let you go, and then shut up.

  67. James says

    I haven’t the slightest doubt that this could be true. People raised in the recent generation or so, such as the cops described in this story, have absolutely no idea what constitutional rights are. There is actually quite a bit of subtlety involved in the rights enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. The thinking necessary to remain aware of this type of thing is simply not there anymore. Education as such has gone way way downhill.

    Also, realize that police departments all over the country are being “federalized” with all sorts of FBI oversight and various programs to indoctrinate law enforcement personnel. And everything “federal” stinks to high heaven of CONTROL. And not just legal and bureaucratic control, but also of sick psychological harassment as well. Believe it or not, that is actually part of the equation.

    And on another note, it is a fact that Sheriffs from coast to coast are being taken on junkets to the holy hell of the “State” of Israel for police-state training. Here come Israeli-style checkpoints in the USA. Don’t doubt it for a second. The federal and state governments in the USA are infested with dual-citizen Israelis.

    This is a nightmare.

  68. Silver Knight says

    The cops won’t be paying the penalty. The taxpayers… regular people will be paying it. In Portland Oregon, this lawsuit wouldn’t happen, because the cops there just shoot to kill.

  69. Donna says

    Even if she were doing something illegal, or was warned before, I think her treatment was a violation of her civil rights. The doctor who treated her should be able to verify the lack of respect. Her request for a lawyer went ignored. Even if the name calling didn’t happen, holding someone at the side of a road for hours for no reason is crazy waste of tax dollars to pay these so called officers for their time. I can go on, but she sure was mistreated EVEN IF SHE WERE GUILTY of doing something. Oh, and legally having a gun in a case is not a reason to be arrested. Some have posted that she’s crazy to have a gun on her? Oh, where should she have it, in her basement collecting dust? Ammunition…I don’t see anything illegal about that either, but she says she didn’t have that. Having a gun and ammunition does not make one crazy. Again, she was just plain mistreated, guilty or not. We are supposed to be innocent till proven guilty in our country.

  70. annonymous says

    These Cops are an absolute joke. They are nothing more than GVT sanctioned Criminals. I make no oplogies when I say, I can not wait to read the Obit’s for the Sheriff and his goons.
    This is what this Country is coming to and why more and more people in America, are becoming more distant and distrustful of Law enforcement. They are thugs, criminals, bullies and murderers.

    I get a warm smile every time I read of a Cop being killed and for these reasons.

  71. Leigh says

    Even if it’s only half true, there’s enough there to convince me I never want to visit America again. A great country – spoiled by so many of the people in it.

  72. Robert says

    What is happening to America? The SPLC and the ADL have advised Feral, State and local law enforcement agencies, and have circulated internal memos in Homeland Security and State Police Departments such as the infamous MIAC, the the following are “potential terrorits” – Returning Veterans, Oathkeepers,Ron Paul supporters, 1st and 2nd Amendment supporters, those who oppose – abortion, same-sex marriage, restrictions of firearms, lax immigration laws, “one world government”, free trade agreements, communist regimes and ideology, illegal immigration, government corruption, and are upset with the loss of manufacturing jobs to 3rd world countries, expansion of social programs, etc. The list includes dozens of conservative radio and media personalities. Anyone who is considered right wing, conservative protestants and catholics, etc. And this is not an exhaustive list. We see our country being pushed and corraled into two camps and if this continues I hate to imagine what is coming down the road. Egypt recourse might seem like a walk in the park if a spark ever ignites the opposing forces in this country. Now we have the law and the judiciary increasingly overcome with corruption. God help us all.

  73. mattgmd says

    It is a horrendous yet plausible ordeal. However, what did strike me as odd was for the LEOs to be anti-right wing; typically the police community benefits from the Bush admin and all of the newer overreaching violations of rights. Not sure how politcs entered the discourse at all. In re: her cash, she’s lucky they didn’t try to compel her to forfeit the whole $13k in her purse and a promise not to prosecute. We will eventually make George Orwell’s ’1984′ storyline seem mundane.

  74. Joe M says

    Teabagger or no Teabagger – Only a $70M lawsuit?
    Even if a terrorist, this is pretty close to a violation of human rather than civil rights, where is the Institutional Professionalism of the Suffolk Law enforcement body.
    Actually this sounds so outrageous as to be unbelievable!
    It should be investigated by the Justice Dept

  75. says

    The police and the Liberal teachers who schooled them are union members. Remember Liberal Bill Clinton promising 100K cops on the street? Afterwards, didn’t all the union cops support Liberals? The hate of New York Liberal union cops for what they consider conservative right wingers would thus make shistorical ense, wouldn’t it? If that is the case, what might have been calling itself masculinity parked behind Liberal cop badges would have to have sunken below the level of an oil slick that covers the pavement, wouldn’t it? Sad. Very sad. By the way, have the NY cops ever figured out what Liberal Rudy had to do with 911′s consequences for Liberal union cops and Liberal union firemen? (Huh?)

  76. ACAB says

    This is why so called random attacks on cops are happening!I promise that if this happend to my Mother I would make absolutely sure to burn the undersheriff’s house down with him in it,and I would ensure that each and every one of those involved in brutalizing my parent would be shot in the head at least twice at close range. Its time we take our nation back. I wouldn’t sue anyone. I would kill all involved as a lesson to those who commit treason and usurp the Constitution so readily,and in so doing cause physical harm to my Mother,a Sovereign American National who has committed no crime. I’d make sure to give them a real reason to jail me,no need to make shit up. I promise!!!

  77. says

    My heart goes out to that woman. Her situation is totally credible. As the only “outed” conservative in my area I was subjected to extreme harassment by NY State employed thugs, with clear intent to homicide and other grotesque violations of my Human Rights and Civil Liberties.

    There is a whole lot more ranging from that one, near fatal incident after which i was unable to hold my nephew -nerve damage to hands – and could only write with pain – right onto a sustained, provable, violation of my “Right to Work,” character assassination, etc., by far left Dems and Obamanites.

    Despite NYS’ attempt to cover up by removing some of their senior officials from office, I have yet to find a lawyer in NYC – they seem to be a bunch of cowardly liberal wimps.

    Courage my friend; the Lord is on your side.

  78. Jeremy says

    These sheriff’s will pay.. karma is a son of a bitch and I promise all you pigs that were involved in this will truly get what’s coming to you.

    I don’t have to pray to know this.. it’s called natural selection.

    Fucking pigs.. put me in a room with you faggots and take all that gear off.. we’ll see who’s big and bad

  79. Wayne says

    We poor people don’t have the funds to fight agencys who don’t follow the law themselves. We need to break the Law and use our guns in a illegal way. Keep the names and pictures of the crooked public servents posted to the public,where they live etc. Justice will prevail!

  80. Jim says

    I had a similar experience at the Orlando International Airport, where I tried to photograph three sculptures on the airport property. Was asked was I was doing and then asked to leave. Seemed ridiculous at the time, but the above is good reason for a lawsuit.

  81. Chris says

    People should learn the difference public and private law and that “government” is nothing but a privately owned corporation. Learn how to enforce your God given rights with maritime and commercial liens.

  82. InTheBubble says

    Some really bad cops, no doubt about it, and they should be punished. But a lady named Genovese on Long Island with $13,000 in cash and claiming it’s for “tuition”? That’s hard to swallow. And her guns were in the “front seat” and not in the trunk (according to other reports)? As a longtime rifleman, I find that to be odd too. Maybe she IS just a very quirky lady, but there is a bit of an odor about this story.

  83. Warren D. Akin says

    I agree with you. We should have a balanced picture of what happened for objectivity’s sake.
    NO! I believe this poor lady as I pray for my Country to remember that they are not above God and will explain their excesses to him at some point in the future.
    Nietzsche said it best … ” When you go to fight monsters ,you should see to it that in the process you do not become a monster, and when you look long into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you”.
    God help our -once beautiful Country. I was nearly killed for it, but hardly even recognize it anymore.
    Or ( sorry to sink into this again) but… ” No one cares, No one has the answer- The piper is a madman….and Death is the dancer”.
    Warren David Akin

  84. Warren D. Akin says

    You’ve learned well! You are now just as big of a bigot that White people ever were.
    That is assuming you are not white yourself. If not, don’t worry! It’s nothing a crisp linen bed sheet and hood won’t take care of.


    Warren David Akin
    (I always put my full name to whatever I write, I know it’s a stone age practice- but for some of us honor has never gone out of style.)

  85. says

    Sometimes, Canada is not better… My 9 year old daughter had her palms swiped for explosives by Pearson Airport security on our last trip to New York. We did look like the typical terrorist family, traveling to the US you know… mom, dad, kid, grandma and grandpa…

  86. Art_M says

    Trading liberty for security will result in neither. And the feds just passed another round of Homeland Security which pretty much insures that anything called a terrorist threat, or security threat enables them to toss your rights out the window.

  87. PKL says

    If you buried your guns, you may have to dig them up soon. It’s getting to the point where a civil war is inevitable because of government screwing with people like this. I’ll continue to pray that ours goes like Egypt’s recent revolution, though our circumstances scream “French Revolution”… Our gov’t always reacts with a heavy handed solution. Their only way is to be violent or threaten violence.

  88. Calista says

    i feal bad for that poor women that just fumes me. f****** police. ive had staff infeaction it is very pain full. an if it goes untreated it can get very worse, and then the limb could fall off. im glade she is sueing. i would also. i hope she gets what she needs. and i hope she is doing ok.

  89. Dumb Suthner says

    Why is it illegal to carry your cash? That is total bull. I wouldn’t carry it because of the potential of being robbed of it, but there shouldn’t be any reason I can’t do what i want to with my money. Freedom is choice, so if I can’t choose to do something like carry $13k, then is that freedom? So, if I keep $13k cash in a safe at home, then want to deposit it at my bank, buy a car or whatever…and plan to go to the rifle range on the way to shoot with some buddies or practice for an upcoming competition…obey all lawful requirements…stop to take a COOL picture on the way and then go through that bull…Glad I live in the south with the “right wingers, blue dogs and freedom loving people. Don’t Tread on Me.

  90. Patrick Henry says

    Hey, “DNA”,

    “Well, it *WAS* the rifle-toting, support-our-troops-website-posting idiots that got us here.” you said.

    Really?? But it is YOUR side that is doing this. And it is YOUR side that HAS been doing this. And it is our side that has been objecting to this being done, to anyone, in America. And it is our side that has had this done to us, by YOUR side, as you blame us for what you are doing to us, both in the past, and guess what? You are doing the blame game again, right here, right now.

    Got that?

    Any doubts as to why decent, honest, self responsible Americans feel threatened by your type? Any doubts as to why we sick and tired of being taxed to feed you, so you can impose a heavier burden, yet?

    Get real.

  91. Kris says

    As a retired Police officer I find this disgusting and almost unbelieveable! These “officers” and I use that term loosely, were the types that would never have been hired on my department. I don’t think they could pass a mental exam! I hope she wins all 90 million of her lawsuit!!!!! I also think that if a settlement is offered, her attorney should demand that all involved in this disgrace be fired and that it should be carried on their records so they can never work in any type of law enforcement again! Also they should be charged with the crimes they committed while basically torturing this woman! That includes the FBI and the people from Homeland security! That is an oxymoron to be sure, homeland secutity! If she were an illegal, this would never have happened as they are a protected species in our country, given all benefits and rights that were denied to this woman! These weren’t police, these were animals! Shame on them and the departments they work for! Unfortunately the judges and the prosecutors can’t be sued, they are exempt from lawsuits. That needs to be changed also! I also did not see the ACLU mentioned in this article, you know the same ACLU who is supposed to be the champion of American citizens wronged and tortured by the law! Oh, I forgot, they are a left wing group now only concerned with the rights of terrorists and dirtbags and eagerly help anyone out to destroy this country!

  92. Andrew P says

    This is the Bush legacy.

    Ordinary people are now reaping the harvest, having first forked out trillions (yes!) for unwinnable wars and Islamophobia. Now we’re at the mercy of idiot grunts with a side of control freakery.

    Yes, I’m enraged. The damage caused by 9/11 was NOTHING compared to the rips and tears in our social fabric engendered by these thugs. It might as well be Libya.

  93. Andrew P says

    How about you folks in NY get off your duffs and get over there? 10,000 people taking pictures of that helicopter can’t be ignored. Walk like an Egyptian.

  94. Bob says

    Is no one upset that the police dept. practiced medicine without a medical license? A nurse gave Nancy two injections without her consent. That’s criminal! As far as the town’s citizens having to pay for this, it’s called “joint destiny.” If you allow your town to employ criminals, then you will pay the price. This can’t be the first and only time a citizen was victimized by that police dept.

  95. Sheri says

    $70 Million default judgement is not justice. The SOB Iberger and Undersheriff Caracappa should be on trial and rest of the staff that abused Nancy. No sane judge or jury will let them off hook. They should get maximum sentence allowed. Could be as high as 10 or 20 or 30 yrs in jail and evaluated for suicide watch etc… This judgement of money is big but its paid by taxpayers and she desrves every penny of it and I hope she collects it. The people involved do not learn a lesson unless they are held accountable as well. They should know their job is catching real terrorists and NOT catching ordinary law abiding citizens and harassing them. Let the trial of the thugs begin.

  96. Mark Thompson says

    Everyone of these sadistic morons should serve a minimum
    of five years in prison with 23 hours a day in solitary.
    One hour in the yard to let them know what they’re missing
    on the outside.
    If I were judge , jury and executioner, I’d have them
    shot at sunrise.
    What a bunch of imbeciles.

  97. steve walker says

    How come the FBI didn’t investigate those sorry ass cops, like the undersheriif. They should be under arrest and serving time. I did my time as a cop and was good at it but I saw disgusting cops like that in my time. Yep, they should definately be thrown in jail, sorry ass excuse for cops

  98. Merinas van der Lubbe says

    Well, isn’t this just special… The perfect combination – a rather eccentric (but undoubtedly innocent) woman with thousands in cash and guns in her car, and a small town P.D. and administration comprised of idiots and thugs, worthy of – in fact, not *even* worthy of – Soviet Russia.

    If even half of what this woman is alleging is true, everyone involved needs to go to jail, and the Town needs to be sued into oblivion. Most towns have insurance against specifically this type of “incident”, so it won’t be the taxpayers paying for it, at least not directly – but the town will then become uninsurable and, hopefully, be forced to at least give up its police force and with any luck its Charter will be revoked.

    I know quite a few cops, and almost every P.D. has one or more thugs like this on it at one time or another. If the Sheriff or Chief is on the ball, he gets rid of them because he knows they’re a liability. So if the allegations in this case are true, we can be 100% certain that there is a systemic problem of long satanding that runs all the way to the core of the Government – and it needs to be forced out into the open, with names and pictures attached. There is no limit to who can be named as a defendant, who can be deposed, and who can be forced to either tell the truth or perjure themselves. It should get really interesting, if this woman sticks to her guns and doesn’t settle out of court with a “no disclosure” agreement.

    I’d particularly like to see the “medical personnel” who stuck this woman with a needle, sent to Arizona to pound rocks in the hot sun for 10 years… I’d *pay* to watch that for a while.

  99. IraqVet says

    If you don’t put them in check now, then you can only expect more of the same…Cut there funding, turn the survailence cameras on them and video tape what they do…They are a product of your tax dollars and this fake war on terrorism…They think we are nothing more than cattle and sheep…They might be right if we do nothing…What might they do to our children and our elderly if unchecked…What DHS/TSA does is a good example of what happens when people are stripped of their liberties.

  100. Emery says

    Amazing story. America has been turned into a police state by both parties. Fear mongering about terrorism is the justification. It seems the CIA and FBI is behind all the terrorist attacks on America including 9/11. So who is the real threat to America and freedom today? Our own government is a bigger threat than all the terrorists put together.

  101. Dana says

    Believe it or not she is one of the lucky ones they have done this kind of stuff here in Oklahoma too but the people don’t get anything but a hard time for it. I have been arrested 3 times and all I did was expose corruption. On one occassion I was held for 2 weeks and denied bond. While I was there I had a seizure and was denied medical care all I was told was to quick shaking like I could control it or something. To this day I can’t even find a lawyer who has the guts to go into court for me because Oklahoma is that corrupt. I have documents that prove my civil rights were violated along with other stuff but still nobody will help me. I have been told to leave it alone by some and that if I push it that it will only get worse on me.

  102. Steve S. says

    If this is all true then I hope she wins the case. However, $70,000,000 is excessive. Where is the justification for this amount?

  103. Bobby says

    13k in cash is very suspicious. Not saying she was doing anything shady, but still. No one would ever carry around that kind of money unless they were buying/selling some stuff that checks shouldn’t be used for. I’m pretty sure schools don’t even take cash (my cousins go to Catholic high schools). Also, suing for 70 million dollars is ridiculous, no offense. I know she got screwed, whether or not she was doing anything sketchy, but 70 million dollars? Come on.

  104. Erik says

    Wow, sue the fuckers. I hope you sue them so hard that they lose their houses, pensions, and college funds. I wan those fuckers to have to work their entire lives at minimum wage jobs, I’m surprised they’re not already under arrest!

  105. Jase says

    The sad fact is that it is the war loving nationalists that have supported the erosion of human rights in the name of the war on terror. It is all very good to support a draconian regime and the loss of peoples rights…that is until you get subjected to the barbarians that it creates. bad luck.

  106. Gee Simone says

    This is only unbelievable to those who have never been abused by those with a badge. I’ve had harassment and lies and injustice done to me as well. I hope she gets every single penny of this and that every single one of these *insert any colorful metaphor that you care to, the worst you can!* horrible, abusive, people lose their jobs and NEVER work in law enforcement again!! I absolutely ABHOR authority figures that misuse their power. They wanted to send a message??? I hope a VERY BIG, VERY hard to swallow message hits home to them!!
    God Bless Nancy, some of us have been there, may you and your attorneys be very, VERY successful!!
    Been there in Ohio

  107. John says

    It’s mot just in America where this is occuring. Australians are even worse. And here it’s got nothing to do with left/right, or anything other than the fact that POLICE ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE mentally handicapped fascists.

  108. says

    I have always and will always hate the police for this reason. They are all the assholes from high school that liked to torture other people. Since they were too dumb to get any white collar job, they opted to pursue a career is law enforcement, but instead became a COP, which is the lowest form of life on planet earth.

    All I can say is that hollow-point bullets are a gift and these dirt bag cops all deserve the firing squad, but that it too good for them. Instead they should be harassed and demeaned in the way that they like to demean others. I’d love to personally beat each one of them to within inches of their worthless lives.

    I hope they all get nailed for this and it acts as a warning to other over zealous police that think because they have a badge they get to play god. A badge is more like the number of the beast, since 99.9% of cops are not out to to the right thing but instead to get their rocks off by exerting their authority over others. Nothing like an asshole on a power trip with a gun…

  109. Bob Clarkson says

    I’m not surprised, Last fall I took a physician friend, who had been traveling extensively, in his car to a rural airport in Montana in his vehicle to catch a flight overseas, and stopped on the airport access road to secure the rear window on the Jeep when the rear window latch failed. Within seconds a local police car stopped behind me and the officer was asking what I was doing. Fortunately that officer and I knew each other, as this is a small town, I explained the vehicle belonged to a local doctor who had just returned here late that night while driving from the East Coast and was continuing on a trip to China. I was merely driving his vehicle back to a storage lot … Yet the officer still had to follow me to the storage lot. The next day we had coffee together and, yes, I could have experienced the same treatment under the present Federal Homeland Security Administration Guidelines as Ms Genovese had if the local officer not known me personally.
    You mean I might have become a multimillionaire? Dang it!

  110. Baary says

    T0: Fred who posted this stupidity:

    see “Fred February 17, 2011 – 8:00 pm

    This is OLD and one sided… READ THESE!…..”

    Dear Fred. Do you read your own links? News stories from reporters who weren’t present tossed around as facts to prove this report one sided? Really? Why then Fredo buddy was the charges dropped but the facts remain that she was held, interrogated, vehicle impounded, then released with charges dropped if she did something wrong. Are these reporters reliable? What does Glen Beck playing on TV have to do with the facts of the case? Is she guilty or innocent based on her viewing choices? No. The addition of this and other little details are media smear. But maybe in your neck of the wood they haven’t learned this. Pathetic(.)

  111. Keith McMillan says

    While I agree that everything done to Nancy is reprehensible, I take exception to the target of the lawsuit. The taxpayers of Suffolk County had no role in what happened.

    I believe that the individual culprits in the various events should be the ones held accountable. Let them lose their jobs and let them be the individual targets of compensation. I sincerely doubt that any of the actions performed by any of the players were specifically sanctioned by laws governing their professional behavior.

    The amount she will be able to sue for will be substantially less, but the people truly responsible for the abuses and injustice should be the ones paying the price – not the innocent taxpayers who will end up footing the bill.

  112. Hankmeister says

    Yet one more example of the jackbooted thuggery that PC police departments engage in. This palpable bigotry against a gun-owning America is pretty pathetic in light of the fact I seriously doubt a Muslim male between the ages of 17 and 60 would have been similarly treated.

    Good for her for filing a lawsuit against these pompous Nazi wannabees who have so clearly ridden roughshod over any number of constitutional rights Amerians have in conducting their private lives in public.

    As a matter of simple justice and to see that such an unconstitutional atrocity doesn’t happen again as easily and quickly, I personally would spend the rest of my life making sure everyone of those jackbooted thugs who harassed me (or my wife) for those six hours, turning my life into a living hell, lose their badges and lose a good portion of their wealth since I would sue them for everything they were worth. Only then will those tin-plated despots who carry badges will get the message you can’t screw around with law-abiding, Second Amendment patriots.

    And the fact these “law enforcement” cowboys were making disparaging remarks about “Teabaggers” and the such, would spur me on to investigate the possibility of having these law enforcement bigots engaging in such hate crimes do a little time in the federal penitentiary. Now that would send a chill down the spine of any law enforcement goon who thinks his badge gives him/her the right to bully law-abiding Americans.

  113. vad says

    admin, I suggest that you arrange for more publicity of this. I found this incredible story by first finding the video of the city board worried about missing the deadline. Should be the other way around. What happened to her far exceeds famous incidents like “don’t touch my junk” that got wide publicity, this one even involves torture. Maybe you also should arrange some rallies, like what attorney Claypool is doing in case of Douglas Zerby.

  114. vad says

    @Patrick Henry – what you are missing is that this woman is exactly on the side that brought up the police state. And the claim to “support our troops” that she is making on her website, is the call to support doing to Iraqis and Apghanis exactly what was done to her, and more. So, however outrageous and unlawful was the treatment that she received, she has created it with her own hands, and was just in the process of making it even little more convincing with the picture of the helicopter. Oops, suddenly she found herself on the other side of the barrel.

    @Dumb Suthner – fyi, carrying large amount of cash is sufficient evidence of drug-related activity. Seriously. No other proof is required. See as just one example out of many.

    @everyone who is saying that this was illegal etc etc.- pay attention to what Bob Clarkson wrote. According to what he heard from his buddy officer, this is all legal (by PATRIOT Act, I guess), expected, and is guaranteed to happen to anyone anywhere in similar circumstances. So I’m afraid it won’t be overcome even if this lawsuit is won.

  115. says

    This is typical of our police state. There is a great video titled: POLICE STATE4:THE RISE OF FEMA.

    Incidents like this are done to “condition” the public. That poor lady. I hope she drains that districts funds


  116. Geoffrey Finn says

    This is not a isolated incident. These type of incidents have been happening now in our country with a frighteningly increased frequency for several years now. How can our fellow countrymen act in such a despicable manner. The power to involuntarily commit people to a mental institution lacks essential due process of a jury trial. We are witnessing a horrible transformation of the system of just us !

  117. Bandido says

    Well this is what all you cop hugging idiots get for letting our leaders in this country make stupid laws and giving the police ultimate power. I hope she gets every dime of that 70 million.

  118. Ray Masse says

    I think it is about time you people look at the truth would you like to go through that same dealings if it were you. I have been there myself with Rensselaer County town courts. Where the Cops lied with BS in fact the cop that wrote the report on me was one who Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office, said Officer was allegedly charged with allegedly committing act of public lewdness, unlawfully imprisonment,official misconduct, in Petersburg Sheriff’s Sub- Station,on or about July 14, 2003. I was incarcerated for 5 months with no bail then let out on $20,000 bail had an alledged trial to look real incarcerated again have certified copies but NEVER convicted so how was I in jail for 8 months the the court keeping 3% of a $20,000 bail with out a conviction? this went on for 66 months. yet they think your do nothing, and lawyers would not take the case. Pay the lady she is due it for your wrongs and dummy Public Officials who think they are high rollers above the laws. Who lie under Oath to make you the bad people.

  119. Steve Rogers says

    Despite whatever feelings you all have for this country or whatever else you must use for a scapegoat, I think we should all agree that no matter the circumstances or the crime claimed, NO ONE should ever be treated that way. It should be unconstitutional for handling a human being that way. My prayers are with Nancy and her family and I hope these authority figures with something to prove provide her with more than an apology.

  120. prophet_banker says

    Read HIDDEN CONTRACTS; we don’t have constitutional rights when we have contracted with the state through licensing, birth certificate, bank accounts in maritime commercial code of commerce courts who enforce statutes, not justice. When presenting a constitutional argument to the court, it won’t be considered relevant.

    Just ask Frank Weltner, from, when he complained to the US Justice department about private corporations infringing his 1st amendment rights, the Justice Dept refused to prosecute criminal charges, and responded, “well private parties can infringe your rights all they want, and it’s legal, the constitution says CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW infringing freedom of speech.”

  121. says

    video of cop bashing women,s head into concrete wall, just youtube search police brutality; bully’s despise having their authority questioned or resisted, and I suspect that is what has happened here as well.

    organized crime rules supreme, and law enforcement needs to come to our aid, with military help, god help us all with our honor for truth

  122. says

    Well her winning a default judgement for $70 million is hilarious. You guys have to watch the video of the city council talking about it. They didn’t take it seriously and ignored it and they lost. Now they are scrambling to defend themselves……I don’t doubt the courts will eventually side with them, but still….its awesome to see them squirm like that.

  123. Tod says

    Here is the rest of the story:

    Nancy Genovese, 49, was arrested on Thursday, July 30, by the Suffolk County sheriff’s office after ANG officials said they observed her taking photographs near the entrance to the base, though she had …been previously warned not to do so. At the time of her arrest, authorities said Ms. Genovese had an XM-15 assault rifle and a shotgun—both registered and unloaded—in her car, and an estimated 500 rounds of ammunition in her trunk.
    Authorities and ANG representatives said this week that Ms. Genovese had been explicitly warned in mid-July to stay away from the base. They also said she was arrested last week after she drove her car just outside the fence, near the entrance to the base.

    “She was basically notified that if she didn’t have official business, she was not allowed on our grounds,” said Major Scott Williams, the wing executive officer and media contact for the Air National Guard’s 106th Rescue Wing.

    These guys did their job, pure and simple.

  124. Russell says

    The Supreme Court should strip the town of Southampton of their Charter, also fine all other in the Law suit. Give Nancy Genovese a world wide apology. Put the law suit in her favor.
    The common sense in this Country has gone underground in the fear of the Government.

  125. joe says

    Sadly, and ironically the system that worked so unfairly against her may work for her. I say, let that suit give her peace, rest and security from such nazi,gestapo tactics for her and hers, the rest of her days! Too bad for the budget. Fire the despicable authorities involved, all of them. And let the replacements be held accountable for their “biasses” for here on.

  126. Ritchie says

    Is America turning into a taliban regime after Obama’s allegiance to Saudi and his Islamic brotherhood? This is not the America we know, and it is being infiltrated from within.

  127. says

    In my opinion, the people who did this to her should be publicly executed. This behavior is precisely the kind of behavior that prefaced the Nazi regime of Germany. I’d much rather have a monster in our midst than have us become a monster. When those in authority are free to commit this type of crime and get away with nothing more than a potentially successful lawsuit, what is going to stop them aside from public outrage and retaliation? Just look at the state of Egypt. That’s where we are going if this type of crime is not dealt with swiftly and decisively.

  128. bev pfohl says


  129. dejah_thoris says

    Okay, as soon as the comments here began devolving into “filty liberals” and “birther” commentary, I lost interest in this story. I think that it is very likely that the public officers in this case were using inflammatory language that they knew would be repeated. Very few law enforcement people are liberal. So, there’s a really stinky red herring here.

    Something’s fishy here and you all have been pwned by someone with an agenda that has nothing to do with guns or taking photos at the airport. Look right folks, look right.

  130. JdL says

    What form of communication will be required for government thugs to understand that this type of behavior is NOT acceptable?

  131. Robert says

    After reading this I was disgraced and disgusted at the FBI, The sheriff dept, and that attorney, I am wanting to go into the FBI after college, but after this, come on, They had Sh*t on her. OMG she was carrying a gun and a camera, you better arrest that cop too, for he is carrying a gun and a camera, oh and that FBI agent, ohh and the secret service, the list could go on and on. Look at the d*mn picture before you just say “OMG a terrorist” God gave you a brain use it.

    “Support our Troops! For they are loosing their lives for you!”

  132. Mike S says

    The US is destroying itself from within better than any enemy ever could. It’s hard to think of a mistake we’re not making.

  133. Mac says

    Whoever wrote this fluff piece should be ashamed of themselves, what a JOKE. All you do is insinuate and make up fakes, it’s absolutely pathetic!! You use wording “violently pushed” to rile up the readers against everyone but her, you’re a worthless excuse for a writer and/or person. Get a life!

    As for her case, she was told months ago to stay away from the airport. So she returns with an arsenal and cash??? If she was Muslim you people would be having her hanged at the gate to warn others not to do it, doesn’t matter if any laws were broken.

    Oh yea, you may also want to check in later interviews how her story changes, she’s a fricken Glenn Beck watching lunatic!! She probably thinks taxes should be cut to nothing, but then she wouldn’t get the millions she’s suing for. Hope the judge throws it out as frivolous.

  134. jc says

    While in Colombia, I took pictures of the U.S. Embassy there, About 10 min later I was confronted by police with machine guns.
    They took me into the Embassy and called a high ranking diplomat to come talk to me in English.
    They asked me a few questions, then looked at the pics in my camera.
    They quickly realized my photos posed no imminent danger and returned my camera to me, while the whole time treating me with respect.
    I was not even treated this way in a third world, civil war ravaged country like Colombia where car bombs go off once a week.

  135. says

    And thanks to our phony assed “constitutional scholar/professor” president, we’ll have three more years to put up with this crap, which is MORE than the republicorp side was hoping to get. This is one liberal democrat who HATES Obama more and more each day. I guess in his studies of the constitution he never read the Bill of Rights? ???

  136. Rebecca Jeane says

    Absolutely shameful! Do those bastards have families?? This is the same B.S. that Sarah Palin had to put up with after that crazy Marxist lunatic shot Rep. Giffords in Arizona! Oh, one more year… one more year, then I can do my part in voting those swine of power!

  137. Kacy Matthews says

    Something is badly wrong with this whole story. I am not at all convinced that this woman is innocent in all of this. I really struggle with this large amount of money, a rifle, and taking pictures near an airport thing. The article claims she was not allowed to make any calls, yet her two older sons just “appear”? The police actually seem to have a better scenerio than she does. I am by no stretch a cop lover, especially these days. But I think she got caught attempting to do just what they think she was doing. Her story is like a really bad lifetime movie and I find it hard to believe that police who have never met this woman before just decided that “today is the day we torment a total stranger for nothing at all!” This woman got busted for something, it’s just they did not have enought proof to pursue it, and now she plans to at least make some money out of this by suing. Pathetic!!

  138. Gene T. Spanos, Lt. says

    This is what happens when Officers get over zealous in performing their duties. Now the law suit and the embarrassment

    Very sad to see that many helped defend this poor position.

  139. Villa Rios says

    Union thugs are union thugs.

    Give an otherwise decent man a badge, gun and a union and he becomes and absolute lawless beast. There is no accountability whatsoever in the this country. Union thugs do whatever, wherever and whenever.

    Public unions run amok in this country with a chokehold on virtually every state. Our so-called judicial system has sold out to the union thugs. Why? They slurp from the same public trough as the union thugs and are of the same state-worshipping mindset.

    Black robes are no guarantee of integrity, honesty, forthrightness and candor.

    The bottom line is the union thugs with guns and badges are absolutely no different than the worst death-row inmates.

  140. Fomer MM2 says

    I’ve read through most of these comments and I’ve had enough, really. Why do people continue to call sides and accuse those not on theirs of foul play? Don’t you guys realize there are only two sides in this country, neither of which are political parties. You’re either for America or you’re against America.

    But, what is America? By some people’s comments, America is the people. But in many others, when they use America, they mean the government of the United States. That is wholly inaccurate and wrong. We, the people of the United States, are the country, not the governing body. We have gone from the Land of the Free to the Land of the Indentured Servants, allowing our rights to be taken and violated at every turn while constantly saying, “It’s the government, you can’t fight them…”

    It’s true, though, you can’t fight the government, but we as a whole nation can.

  141. Carl says

    Is this the US of A the world is looking up to? Has integrity and Honesty lost their place with Men of the Badge? I would contest this story with my last breadth if I had not read it myself. I feel like puking and cannot believe such extreme discrimination of human rights exist on the country that is meant to be a light to the world with respect to freedom and justice. God save us all!

  142. SMGSTER says

    I the police don;t go to jail then Kim Jong-il is running this country…Wow how many other time has this happened> make me sad… and the police wonder why their not respected?

  143. James says

    Looks like Kacy Matthews and quite a few others here drank the Kool Aid.

    When guns, cash and a camera make you suspicious of someone, especially an apparently upstanding woman such as Genovese, then it can be said with certainty that you have watched too much Television. Those are three things that are absolutely demonized on the Talmudvision (that’s what it should be called).

    But then Miss Matthews said it herself:

    “Her story is like a really bad lifetime movie.”

    I can honestly say that I rarely meet someone who has a convincing awareness of the dangers of media conditioning. Many people understand that there is SOMETHING wrong with media. But simply pretending awareness is not enough. The dangers run straight past psychological territory and directly into the spiritual domain.

    Hey Miss Matthews, I’ll put it in words that you might understand: You took the Blue Pill.

  144. andreas says

    the us government and its police force etc make me sick. scared bastards all of them. i will never ever fly to the us again we flew over from germany to ord and upon arrival at the airport they arrested my 4 year old daughter as something showed on the scanner we were seperated and she not speaking english etc cried etc etc i wanted to go to her and the bastards told me i would be arrested etc etc if i would. i abbuses everyone i could thing of in the us governemnt starting with that idiot bush at that time and they send a tropper to quite me down, i told the stuck up bastard that i was not impressed by his nazi like uniform etc he just stood there with his mouth open as he didnt expect that frome me. well fianlly it turned out that my daughter had shoes on with a small battery inside that made the shoes glow at night for saftey reasons. i had never seen such stupid, damm idiots like those us officials in all my life. we used to fly to the us at leat once a year for vacation, but now pr
    fare the emirates fliendyl, people with background and not a bunch of hypocrites. sad how stupid a country and its law enforcing people can be.

  145. ian says

    Andreas how right you are. give any us person a uniform with a badge on and they act as if they rule the universe. remind me of the guy in lybia…..

  146. andreas says

    how come your not posting my comment about what we, a germany family expirienced in the usa. i know the truth hurst but for us and many friends etc we rather go the the emirates to spend our vacation than to a country scared and behaving like ???? I DONT MEAN THE NORMAL PEOPLE BUT THE IDIOTS IN THEIR UNIFORMS AND BADGES AND FAT ASSES GUESS THEY HAVE TO USE A SHOE SPOON TO GET INTO THEIR UNIFORMS

    • says

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  147. Al Schoen says

    I think that this case stinks. Nancy is only looking for 70 milliom. I think that she should have asked for 250 million.

    The court should simply give it her. The township, county, and others should also be punished.

  148. Poqui says

    This is the reason I live out West. The 4th Amendment is alive and well in the Rocky Mountain States. In fact, we can open carry here in Utah and nobody blinks twice. The liberal-controlled NE is suffocating…

    And Andreas, sorry about the treatment you received but I have a few stories about the German police when I visited during the World cup that are very similar to what you experienced here. And I too called them Nazi for which I was fined. I vowed never to set foot on German soil after that visit.

    Power corrupts, no matter the country or culture so keep the power with the people, not Washington DC.

  149. Diggerjohn111 says

    Poqui, Long Island is NOT New England, also most of Suffolk County is actually quite conservative. I used to live on LI, and this story does not shock me, the police down there are notorious for being bullies.

  150. Norman says

    Unusual event but, it all started with the first Gulf War..This is the end result….Running around like chickens with their heads cut off……

  151. D2U says

    This is a gross misuse of force and actually personal terrorism inflicted on this lady and her family facilitated by obviously brainwashed Nazized anti-conservatives on a power trip with no regard for an American’s constitutional rights and no common sense. They were bullies who tortured this woman. How would they like that to be done to their wives and families…or even themselves? Then they have the audacity to cover it all up by lying to the media who is ready to crucify anyone who may be conservative. These Nazis hidden in law enforcement clothing should be sued and lose their jobs, including their pensions for such outrageous behavior.

  152. Norman says

    Could have been a case of an over hysterical woman who may have been having her periods and got out of control when approached by the police?? The police too may have over reacted when dealing with her?? I know from personal experience that when some women reach the hysterical stage there is no stopping them.

  153. Chris says

    ‘dem Republican voting criminals!

    But seriously. That it’s possible to just humilliate a woman, get her money stolen etc. Those cops need to get a unhonorable discharge, then a giant fine, and then jail.

  154. Michael says

    It is amazing what these as)*%les can do in the name of “justice” I wonder if anyone who posts to this will be terrorized by the idiots with badges. When you give someone a badge they think they are above the law and their IQ drops at least 100 points, if it is above 100 in the first place.

  155. says

    Looks like they will have to pay up the full $70 Million, since they filed NO RESPONSE to her lawsuit, and the deadline has passed.

    “A motion for a default judgment has been filed against the Town of Southampton and Town of Southampton Police Officer Robert Iberger, and we are awaiting a decision by the court.”

    If you were an ordinary citizen and failed to make a court date would they hesitate to come after you?

  156. James says

    Good thing the tea baggers and republicans just recently revoted to extend the patriot act. Really need to give assholes with badges continued power to label anyone they don’t like a terrorist and pull this kind of crap.

  157. says

    Just reading this made me sick! What has happened to our Country? God bless you Nancy and let justice prevail! Who do they think they are? Above the law? Because they need mental help for all they’ve done! I’m praying for you!

  158. Ben says

    Well, I don’t like the teabaggers or whatever, BUT, tabuse of police privileges, that is irrelevant here. Whoever you are, this should concern you. Civil liberties are not a partisan issue. This was abuse of police powers, and just plain and simple abuse. Better to make a big deal out of this now – stir up some trouble for these cops – set em straight. Abuse of power will stop where we make it stop.

  159. Terrance Norris says

    This unlawful arrest has occurred because of arrogant individuals wearing badges and doing much more,unlawfully, than bullying. I sincerely hope the lawsuit is awarded at full amount. These so-called “officers” should be fired and banned from any and all law enforcement work.

  160. Edward de Bruin says

    To Nancy I want to say, we feel with you Nancy and your ordeal is but one of thousands happening in the USA at the hands of the US government officials. We as foreigners to the US see the US government act like they are GOD and are above the law. I personally have many American friends and it is difficult to believe they have people back there behaving like hooligans and Nazis.
    To Andreas and Ben, I agree fully with what you said, these guys should be brought to justice and made a good example of!
    I wish deeply in my heart that Nancy will win this law suit!

  161. James says

    “Whoever you are, this should concern you. Civil liberties are not a partisan issue. This was abuse of police powers, and just plain and simple abuse.”

    Actually Ben civil liberties are a partisan issues, both major parties support taking them away in the name of fighting terrorism – the patriot act that most conservatives continue to support, the homeland security act… and so on. The only people really supporting civil liberties are usually libertarians on the right and some on the far left.

    And in terms of this being abuse, it really may not be anymore.

  162. Mark Petersen says

    I am very sorry to hear about this unfortunate chain of events. However, how does it feel to be a victim of your own invention? I hope this illustrates the cruelties taking place in the name of terrorism nowadays. I hope we do something to change this idea of terrorism. We are self-destructing ourselves. We do not need any body else to help us. This is getting out of control. I am deeply sorry for what happened to Nancy.

  163. Tuco says

    Let’s all keep in mind that: 1) the article is a blog post, NOT a vetted news article. There is no requirement or expectation of journalistic integrity or objectivity in a blog post; 2) are we to believe that picture in the headline is the mother of a 20 year-old? Is that a “stock photo” or is that actually Mr. Genovese? 3) Outside the “facts” presumably drawn from the records of court proceedings, the characterizations are all anecdotal and quite one-sided.

    It would be interesting to know if the host of this blog, the law firm of Murtha & Murtha, PLLC, is representing Mrs. Genovese, which would certainly imply a profit motive (a slice of that $70 million suit) for wanting things perceived in general as are described in the article.

    In short, I smell manipulation, and that’s seldom a trait associated with an accounting of things as they actually were and are.

  164. R. J. says

    Thugs and criminals are in charge of governments at every level. They hire other thugs like the scum that accosted Nancy. $70,000,000 is not nearly enough to compensate Nancy and the rest of us who are outraged, not only by what happened to her, but, by what has been happening to all of us, who have been routinely deprived of civil liberties and treated as criminals in airports and elsewhere. This was never about “protecting” the country. It was always about tyranny and oppression. Anyone who thinks the “press” in this country are balanced, or, that the press reports anything even resembling the truth of what is happening, is in serious denial. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

  165. Mercury says

    I honestly do not believe that some of the comments made by the officer actually were said nor that Mrs. Genovese’s actions and reactions were exemplary. Regardless, it does sound like the police stepped way over the line. I have often found with cases like this (where things go way out of control) that there is always one tipping point that sends it flying. I can only imagine it was the arrestee’s mouth (as with most cases that go way out of control). Something combative was said by the arestee and the officers felt challenged and overreacted. This kind of reminds me of Mel Gibson.

  166. Lite Rex says

    This is what police states are like. They have been told they are superior to the rest of the population and therefore have no regard for anyone they confront. If I were on that jury I would award her 100X$70M! Sue the courts, judges, police, county and state and FBI plus Homeland security. And charges against everyone involved must be made as well. This is NOT!? the first of this kind of harassment!! Why was none of this on police cameras!? it is obvious!! none of law enforcement there had a video camera!? BS! These police tactics must be made an example of … because next time it will be YOU! This is a F@&kn OUTRAGE!!!! and causes everyone to distrust anyone in uniform and have created a mutual feeling… F@*kn great; this is no way to pursue happiness for either side; resulting in a WAR!!! Public vs. Private sectors is the result; nice going “bad cops”… is that what your goals were? Congratulations. Show this case to every potential juror in the county. What? if it was your wife, mother etc? Dame them!

  167. Rocky Nasso says

    this just goes to show how many of our constitutional rights this govert. is taking away from us. our forefathers must be rolling over in there graves at what tis country has done to there act of freedom, we are slowly but surely becoming a comunist state like Russia was years ago, and we will have no rights at all. In Europe they are all starting or already started what they are calling a world bank, the United States is involved in these meetings, please someone tell me why? i give it a matter of maybe 20 years and we will either be waving the Chineese flag over our country or somebody elses, but we are not going to be the world super power very much longer. this govt. sucks more and more each day, and its only going to get worse. the people i feel sorry for are my children and my grandchildren, they are going to be in the most trouble..
    This is only my opinion, i welcome anyones else’s, and will listen and respond to all with all my heart.
    God help the United States.

    Rocky Nasso

  168. shannon says

    first off this article is written very biasedly with facts out of order and sounds like all the “facts” that are in the article were not taken from any of the organizations that questioned her. From what is there she seemed to have made a couple moves that made her look aggressive and suspicious, if you read this with a grain of salt then i’d think you’d find it the same way. Someone finds a gun in your car and you try to take it back? You carry around $13,000 in cash and you’re not a drug dealer? Colleges and catholic schools all take checks, write it out.
    When you are put in jail you lose the simple rights of getting naked by yourself. They aren’t supposed to look away because let’s say for arguments sake that she is bat shit crazy and had something hidden on her or attacked the doctor sonogramming her leg. That becomes negligent on their part. Sounds like she had the typical south hampton attitude, took it too far and things got taken a bit to far with her. Did she need to wind up in jail? no but act suspicious and take things away from police then thats what you will get.
    and for all those “police are nazis” posts up there, remember that cops are regular people, their number one job is to come home at the end of the day. if every 1 out of 50 cops is an asshole, you are only going to remember cops as being assholes. one could say the same from how much of an asinine piece of shit strong island can be.

  169. says

    Shannon, You sound like one of the “Blue Idiots” that caused this problem. Nancy didn’t break the law. Acting suspicious is not illegal! The whole Police Department needs to be cleaned out. This is obviously a cultural problem in the city government too. Now they owe $70,000,000.00 Do you think that will get their attention? They owe the money. It is the law. The city government should follow it and pay it!

  170. mark says

    I am so tired of ‘law enforcement personnel’, lawyers, etc. always siding with these ‘cops’. Including my own relatives. I no longer care if ‘she must have done something to provoke that kind of response’ crap. Like we all don’t know cops (including x-roommates) that are in it strictly for the power play. Ok, I’ll play that game = any ‘professional’ ass**l* that can create a situation that can generate a story line like this must be treated with at least as much disdain and reproach (and removal from society!!!) as someone that would have actually done such sh*t to a citizen. In the corporate world (or in any public school) an otherwise ‘innocent’ employee that made so many mistakes against SOP as to generate this kind of publicity would be dealt with harsher than an embezzle or traitor. This sounds too much like an old Enquirer story of an abduction and torture than of the acts of a ‘public safety’ department and ‘justice’ department. If society has decided to clean house at this historic moment, then these guys should all go out with the trash too!!!!!

  171. Homer says

    Sounds like we have a cop who needs to be retired to a scrap of coral in the pacific ocean.

    This ‘officer’ (and I use the term loosely) was not only in violation of the rights of this woman, he was in violation of anything approaching common sense. He should be convicted and left to rot in prison for gross derilection of duty.

    Every single *INTELLIGENT* police officer (those with an actual brain,at least) would recognize that this woman was entirely within her rights to behave as she did. Only a clue free, idiotic, brain dead, piece of crap moron (who should be killed for the benefit of the rest of humanity) would argue otherwise.

  172. says

    Well, I read the article and went through this LONG page of comments. Kacy came closest to seeing what I saw, but no one else saw what I spotted so I’m adding my voice. If her sons were called to the scene, why didn’t they arrange for a decent lawyer to come defend their mother? Hello? And that’s what stinks here and is why I don’t believe this story.

  173. Contessa61 says

    And these “great” cops get to retire at 50 with a couple million in taxpayer funded pension money.

    Remind me never to set foot in suffolk county.

    ,,or New York, for that matter.

  174. jbhwt4f98i7kdjx says

    I would prefer to see the offenders, those who broke the law, the police, including the police chief and mayor who trained the officers to break the law put in jail for a good long time rather than charge the tax payers, who are all victims of bad policing, $70 million.

    The police are way out of control in this country. They are supposed to protect innocent people from dangerous criminals. The problem is that they are constantly harassing people because the police themselves don’t know the law, don’t care to obey the law when they do know it, face no negative consequences when they themselves don’t follow the law, and prefer to treat everyone like a dangerous criminal.

    If it takes $70 million to get their attention and to get other governments to train their police so that the police obey the law, and treat people, who’s taxes pay their salary, with respect then I think it is money well spent.

  175. jbhwt4f98i7kdjx says

    This is a case of political oppression. She was arrested because of her conservative life style (doesn’t trust banks, and exercises her right to own guns) not because of any crime she committed.

  176. drjohn says

    Another example of why police should not have unions, and also why unions should be abolished. Hope she wins tens of millions of dollars. That would be redistribution you could believe in.

  177. tim maguire says

    The final shame of it is, the taxpayers will have to bail the police out and not one of those officers will see a day of jail time for this kidnapping/torture incident.

  178. PeteRyan6360 says


    I believe this is far more common than we all care to admit. It has happened to me for being legally parked on the side of a public thoroughfare. I have been arrested for seeking the assistance of a police officer when the public was in danger.

    A police officer can say ANYTHING they want about a suspect at the time of the arrest, put it into their report (or decline to note it in their report), and then the situation becomes the word of the citizen against the officer. Eventually, charges may be dropped, but in the meantime the officers are PAID to harass the citizenry while the citizenry must PAY to get themselves out of false charges.

    In Wisconsin, we had a case of a woman who was raped by an officer after the officer responded to an emergency call at the woman’s home. She was arrested and jailed and denied medical treatment as well. The officer was given protection from his union to reinstate his job. The case is still pending: 9 months later.

  179. angearchy says

    I read ” the other side ” of this story. Basically they charged her with a thought crime. They use the fear mongering terminology- assault weapon, several rounds of ammunition. News flash folks! If you go to a shooting range, you will want to bring more than a handful of rounds. Don’t ya think?!
    The war on drugs and now the war on terrism has lead to abuse of power. Violation of our Bill of Rights. You are foolish to think that since you don’t own guns, avoid airports and don’t publicly support our troops you’ll be safe. Sooner or later they will come after you.
    Welcome to the Police State of America!

  180. says

    I’ll bet if Nancy was wearing a burka, nobody would have dared say anything let alone arrest her, for fear of accusations of ‘profiling’. Law enforcement has gotten way too full of itself and has run amok.

  181. Becky says

    Varda said, “Kacy came closest to seeing what I saw, but no one else saw what I spotted so I’m adding my voice. If her sons were called to the scene, why didn’t they arrange for a decent lawyer to come defend their mother? Hello? And that’s what stinks here and is why I don’t believe this story.”

    I don’t find that difficult to believe at all. While it would have been wise for them to do that, it is clear by the fact that she was appointed a legal aid that they probably did not have the money for that.

    You should have finished reading the article. The fact that they issued a bogus press release and refused to retract it tells you all that you need to know. And many of the other claims are easy to verify. The doctor asked them to turn away as she disrobed; they did not. The legal aid will have to explain he asked to be dismissed and requested a suicide watch. The argument about the woman arguing she should not be removed from the general populations saying she was “not suicidal” would have been overheard by others. Video can probably be produced near the courthouse to see if she had a seatbelt on. It can be verified she arrived in court with shackles on her wounded leg. She developed a staph infection so it is unlikely she was admisitered her antibiotics. People would have seen her pushed into the courthouse.

    The ONLY thing that your “discovery” might give credence to is whehter or not she was smart enough to demand a lawyer.

  182. Nori says

    I Hope Nancy Wins and I hope everyone involved that put her through this horrible experience is dealt with. Police,lawyers,Judges etc.

  183. Horatius says

    This is quite clearly a case of the police trying, by hook or by crook, to get some kind of charge to make sure they in no way, shape, or form would ever be accused of harassing innocent citizens–by treating someone in such a way that is calculated to provoke them into an overreaction that would then result in a more defensible charge for court.

    For if the person is convicted, obviously the police were right to do as they did to start with, right.

    Suffolk County is apparently ruled by thugs. And I do mean ruled, for I do not see how the citizenry are in control of this police force. These kinds of semi-lawful bands acting under the color of authority are common in history. Robber knights in the olden days. Suffolk Country PD today. Sad.

    I recommend the military insure that no members of the police department(s) under question are serving in the reserves, for they would appear to be members of an extremist group apparently dedicated to terrorizing Americans and do not appear to be fit for duty if they are.

  184. john says

    Get used to it folks – this is where America is headed. The police and the politicians think they are above the law.

  185. Thomas Jefferson says

    All of those involved in this inhumane treatment and illegal means of detaining her intimidating her and much much more need there ass’s sued off, beaten and locked away yes dirty cops need there ass’s beat!.. it very well could happen..
    Take them all for every dime you can get nancy. You have my support and protection.

    Patriots like minded Americans need to unite organize and prepared…
    These jack booted thug’s need to be buried.. which they very well get soon..

  186. Mailman says

    Im willing to bet that this could go very sour indeed for the couny if the sherifs involved have had previous complaints of police brutality made against them in the past.



  187. RW says

    I hope she is awarded every penny of the $70M. It is these type of Barny Fife law enforcement officers that give a bad name to those who truely protect the population with professionalism.

  188. Kernos says

    Remember the good old days when cops were your friend. Now they are more scary, more dangerous than the so called terrorists who have given the cops so much power.

  189. d says

    This is why we all need a camera stuck on us somewhere to record these things sheould we be a victim or have a tape recorder going at all times, u know they say a video is worth a million words and the dum ass cops should be fired.

  190. Gene says

    Typical of the Marxist in Long Island goverment.
    The police unions are very strong in Suffolk County.

    Todays unions, are not the ones our parents belonged to.

  191. Judy Smith says

    I can’t believe what they did to this poor woman! This is outrageous! All the people that did this to her or didn’t listen to her should have every embarrassing, humiliating, harassing thing to them. Plus the Judge that denied her law suit too. I can’t believe that we live in that kind of country where this can happen! So, my question to all of you is, ARE WE GOING TO FOLLOW LIKE SHEEP AND SAY NOT ME, NOT MY PROBLEM, OR ARE WE GOING TO STAND UP TO A GOVERMENT THAT IS TAKNG AWAY OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS IN THE NAME OF HOMELAND SECURITY? I SAY KICK ‘EM WHERE IT HURTS! THEY SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH THAT CRAP!

  192. Georgi says

    Written by lawyers…HA! I hope none of you need a Suffolk County Police Officer. If you believe this crap…you must be stupid.

  193. Jocko says

    Look! Gullible is written on the ceiling. When extreme right wingers have so much hate in their heart, they’ll believe anything anybody tells them if it lines of with their twisted views.
    I mean seriously does any reasonable person believe this crap? They author of this lie punched all the right buttons by including God, Guns, Support our troops, family, etc. in their story. Of course the right wingers are foaming at the mouth when they read it.

    Most police are right wingers. That is an undisputed fact. That alone is enough to raise a suspicious smell about the truth of this story. This story is a bunch of baloney designed to make the left look bad and once again stir up nasty feeling amongst the gun toting, far right tea bag lunatics. What idiot walks around with $13,000 in cash anyway?
    Just a bunch of lies.

  194. Sam says

    After living in that end of LI for 2 years, none of this surprises me. I hope she nails those cocksuckers for all they’re worth and then some.

  195. Thor says

    Is this even real? This woman has so much shit piled on her that seems unbelievable that this actually happened.

  196. Jay says

    Just to add to this article… There are a great number of signs in the area near the helicopter which state in very plain english that the area is a US MILITARY INSTILLATION, and that NO PHOTOGRAPHS can be taken. All of you in the law world should know better. There is always another side of the story. She was caught, RED HANDED taking pictures of more than the Helicopter outside the gate. We unfortunatly live in a world with people that are hell bent on hurting us and our way of life.
    There is a US Air Force/NY Air National Guard unit there that sarcrifices there lives daily so that we can sit here and complain in safety. Why give anyone the any extra help to put those Men & Women (Who are our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends, and nieghbors) in anymore of harms way than they already are?
    Sit back and think for a minute….if it was your son or daughter risking thier lives on the otherside of that fence for your freedom… wouldn’t you want to protect them?

  197. Gene says


    The signs posted were not legal. It is perfectly legal to be on a public walkway or road and take pictures of the Helicopter. In fact, there are pictures of that very base, the entire base, posted on Google Maps. Just because something is posted as illegal does not make it so. You can also take pictures of Federal Buildings, airports, Ships in the Harbor, etc… No Federal Charges were made against her because SHE DID NOTHING ILLEGAL! She was NEVER on the base. Talk about being railroaded…

  198. Les says

    Having been a Pro Tempore Judge in the past which put me in the position of hearing cases of various types, this case makes my blood boil. That whole police department should be fired and put in prison where they belong. They are nothing but FILTHY FOOLS of the highest order and the worst enemies the United State could ever have.

  199. Becky says

    This is almost completely what happened tome in FL
    The same kind of circumstances just in a different setting
    I was arrested for check fraud but i was the victim on a check scam – i went to the cops when it happened and reported it but then 2 months later i was arrested for it
    For 6 months I fought the state of FL proving I was innocent 15 times
    And then they finally dropped the charges after the pretrial when I stated for the court record that i did nothing wrong so i would NOT take a plea.
    And I will never be able to get anything for that
    I have a felony arrest on my record that florida refuses to take off
    I have sent in the money 2 times to expunge my record and had the local office of the state attorney sign off on expunging it but when i sent it to the state they refuse and keep my money
    This is absolutely what is wrong with this country
    the local cops have no clue what they are doing
    the training they get is ridiculous
    they all have power trips
    and the local judges are bought and paid for by them
    they do whatever the cops say
    with no investigation done i was arrested held for 36 hrs
    never had my rights read to me was never told why i was arrested
    until i was released on bail
    its sad that this is what our country has come down to
    a bunch of ignorant cops that buy judges to get warrants on innocent people

  200. doesnt matter says

    WAY too long for me to read the whole thing. @ points to make. If true, the cop’s behavior is %100 unacceptable and needs to be reprimanded, period. With this being said, whoever wrote this story, wrote a very biased version, which makes me question its legitimacy. You can’t paint a story in such a manner and expect intelligent people to swallow what you are trying to feed them. To say the word “abuse”, you must support this type of statement with evidence.

  201. Debbie says

    If people would just use their fucking brains once in awhile!! WTF is wrong with this world today? If it’s not power hungry assholes like politicians, it’s cops and judges who don’t use one ounce of freakin’ common sense!

  202. Alisha says

    What do you expect when we have REGRESSIVES living in the WH and telling everyone that anyone that believes in the Constitution is a threat? Honestly, I suspect we’ll see much more of this ILLEGAL BEHAVIOUR prior to the election next year.

  203. Wayne says

    Well after reading this I am really not that suprised the way the “law” handled this. People, we are at war and terroist are everywhere not just the middle east. So honestly it was really a dumb decision on her part to be right outside the airport with a camera, rifle, and 13,000 dollars in “cash” (instead of a cheack). I know if I seen this, its my job not only as a service memeber but as a citizen of the US to take a stand against any act of terrorism (suspicious activity like takeing pictures of an airport) of course Im sure I wont do what they did to her but i would stop it. I am not saying it was right of them to treat her like that nor was it wrong its just a way they handle an act of terrorism. America is a country that holds grudges towards any of there enemies, past or present. I know for me serving overseas and seeing what I have seen that for as long as I live I will never have any respect for anyone that stands for terrorism or shows any act of it and I will hold a grudge even if they decide to change their ways. Lastly all I want to add is THINK before you act.

  204. Mike says

    She had a history with Suffolk county Law enforcement wasn’t her first run in at all. In addition she is one of the 9-11 truther, NWO, FEMA Deathcamp idiots. She was warned once about photograhing the airport by the cops. She made claims about it being a FEMA deathcamp on line. She ignored the warings given to her by police. Turns out she had assualt rifle and 13,000 grand in cash too. Just a litt suspicious.

  205. Mark Schmidter says

    Yes I understand Tyranny. I was arrested June 26th by Chief Judge Belvin Perry (of Cassy Anthony fame) for handing out (“Fully Informed Jury fliers) @ Orange County Courthouse, in Orlando, FL, while I was not in the “Free Speech Zone”. I did 4 days in jail and I am out on a pending 1st amendment appeal. If I loose the appeal I will have to finnish 146 days more in jail. Actually if I loose we all loose our 1st amendment rights.
    I wish I could send Nancy money for her legal defense fund, but I am still hunting for $10,000 to get my, our appeal to the Supreme Court.
    Yours in Freedom
    Mark E. Schmidter

  206. says


  207. Greenmoon says

    It wasn’t an “airport”, it was a National Guard base. And it was posted, “Photographs Not Allowed”. And she had been there before and was told not to come back unless she had official business.

  208. CAT says

    Those law officials were the terrorists! What a nightmare! I guess they were bored and had nothing to do, so they picked on an innocent mother.

  209. Cynthia Gail Boyd says

    I have been a victim of similar abuse and misuse of power at the hands of racist police in Stockton, CA. I almost cried reading this article. It hits so close to home. My case does not involve guns or airports, but false imprisonment. My story should long ago have been publicized locally, but this city is at the top of the most dangerous cities in America, no help is in sight!!!!! I would ask that all who seek and believe in justice to pray for me and the victims of this type of abuse. I would love to share my story with the world to expose the threat to freedom that is such a nightmare in Stockton, CA.

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